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корейская кухня

Dalgaebi (달개비)

Dalgaebi (달개비)


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  • Dalgaebi (달개비)
  • Dalgaebi (달개비)2
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  • Dalgaebi (달개비) Miniatura
  • Dalgaebi (달개비)2 Miniatura
  • Dalgaebi (달개비)3 Miniatura
  • Dalgaebi (달개비)4 Miniatura

This is a Korean traditional restaurant serving food in attractive bowls. Its main dishes are steamed rice in bamboo and raw rice wine (Makgeolli). When you pour makgeolli into a glass which is brewed in the old way, your nose gets ticklish by the smell of yeast. Steamed rice cooked with Indian millet, millet, glutinous rice, and beans in a bamboo stick provides a delicious smell of bamboo.

  • Адрес

    Seoul Jongno-gu Jae-dong 32-10
    서울특별시 중구 세종대로19길 16

  • Типа/Меню

    корейская кухня/

     daenamu tongbap (rice steamed in bamboo)

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