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Due to COVID-19, international ferries are suspended until further notice.

Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal

  • Inquiries
    Terminal 1: +82-32-880-3210 (Korean, Chinese)
    Terminal 2: +82-32-880-3220 (Korean, Chinese)
  • Website: (Korean, English, Chinese)

Pyeongtaek International Ferry Terminal

Ferry Service Operators

China ↔ Incheon (Terminal 1) Ferry Travel Time

Incheon Terminal 1
Departure point Travel time (approx.)
Yingkou 27 hrs
Qinhuangdao 24 hrs
Yantai 17 hrs 30 min
Dalain 16 hrs
Shi dao 15 hrs
Dandong 15 hrs 30 min

China ↔ Incheon (Terminal 2) Ferry Travel Time

Incheon (Terminal 1)
Departure point Travel time (approx.)
Weihai 16 hrs
Qingdao 17 hrs 30 min
Tianjin 27 hrs 30 min
Lianyungang 24 hrs

China ↔ Pyeongtaek Ferry Travel Time

Pyeongtaek International Ferry Terminal
Departure point Travel time (approx.)
Weihai 13 hrs
Rizhao 19 hrs 30 min
Yantai 14 hrs
Lianyungang 20 hrs

Ferry schedules are subject to change depending on the weather and other unforeseen conditions.

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