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    Gijang Trip to Busan’s Coastal Scenery

    Busan has plenty to offer, but if you feel you’ve already seen all the big attractions, plan a day-trip to Gijang-gun.

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    • Date06/21/2021
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    Riding KTX-Eum to Andong’s Best Attractions

    Andong is one the best cities to visit for a trip filled with Korea’s traditional culture.

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    • Date06/14/2021
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    Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

    Seoul Forest, located in the middle of the metropolis, is a natural space where you can enjoy the charms of both a forest and the Hangang River.

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    • Date06/10/2021
    • Hit1026
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    Summer in the Beauty of Eunpyeong Hanok Village

    Enjoy a beautiful summer in the uniquely charming Eunpyeong Hanok Village.

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    • Date06/04/2021
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    Feel the Rhythm of KOREA in Incheon

    The newest addition to the Feel the Rhythm of KOREA series had some special guest stars! In addition to Ambiguous Dance Company, the video features members of variety program “2 Days & 1 Night” as they dance their way around Incheon’s top attractions.

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    • Date05/28/2021
    • Hit1595
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    Serenity Surrounding Seoul

    Gather your loved ones and make plans to visit one of these relaxing attractions.

    • Tag etc History Tour
    • Date05/18/2021
    • Hit27964
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    Much Ado about Buam-dong

    Buam-dong is famous for its charming mix of modern culture and traditional buildings. There are many famous restaurants and unique shops hidden along the twisting roads.

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    • Date05/13/2021
    • Hit15131
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    Following BTS to Traditional Places

    Tour the traditional buildings at hanok houses and palaces visited by BTS.

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    • Date05/10/2021
    • Hit2305
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    Walk Seoul’s History & Culture along the Hanyangdoseong

    You’ll feel Korea’s history and culture come to life as you walk along the Hanyangdoseong, Seoul City Wall.

    • Tag History Tour
    • Date05/06/2021
    • Hit7319
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    Shopping and Fun at Idol Goods Stores

    The trend of collecting celebrity goods, part of popular hallyu culture, has reached new heights.

    • Tag etc Shopping Trend
    • Date05/03/2021
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