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  • From Horror to Timeslip Comedy: Different Musical Genres Five Best Welcoming Spring Musical Performances

    From Horror to Timeslip Comedy: Differen...

    You know it’s spring when the wind feels warmer. This spring, the wind of warmth blows in the performing arts field, unlike last year, when there were almost no performances onstage given COVID-19. Fortunately, in spring 2021, various performances await audiences, such as Korean creative musicals an...

  • The fastest and easiest way to learn Korean culture, K-Performance!

    The fastest and easiest way to learn Kor...

    Interest in Korean culture and arts is growing dramatically around the world. People who first became familiar with Korean culture through K-pop and K-drama now want to visit Korea in person to experience the culture. Our editor's pick of this month introduces 3 performances to teach visitors about ...

  • K-Musical On Air

    K-Musical On Air

    Attending live performances has become difficult because of the COVID-19 outbreak. To help people cope with boredom at a time of social distancing and self-quarantining, we are pleased to stream a highly comforting musical every night online for four days.

  • K-Musicals Attract Worldwide Attention, Four Creative Musical Recommendations

    K-Musicals Attract Worldwide Attention, ...

    What country has been getting worldwide attention for musicals for the recent 20 years? None other than South Korea. That’s not all. While Broadway and West End perform about 30 pieces a year, Korea presents approximately 200 works a year, with diverse genres, scales, and audiences. Recently, the gl...



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  • K-Pop Artists Prove Their Ticket-Selling Power in Korea and Abroad, Three Musicals Featuring K-Pop Stars

    K-Pop Artists Prove Their Ticket-Selling...

    Which country has the fastest growing musical market over the past two decades? The answer is Korea. Each year, more than 200 musicals are produced and performed in Korea, an impressive feat given the huge number of Broadway and West End productions yearly at around 30. The scale of the Korean music...


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