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корейская кухня

Samsung Red Spices

Samsung Red Spices


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This restaurant has been famous for its charcoal-grilled food since 1972, and is especially well known for its spicy seasoning made from powdered red pepper, garlic, and ginger. Pork is mixed with the seasoning, giving it the characteristic red color and unique flavor, and then grilled over hot coals. While it is popular among Koreans who like spicy food, it might be a bit too hot for foreigner customers. Other dishes include jumulleok (grilled seasoned meat) and donggeurangttaeng (meat patties). Jumulleok is made by seasoning fresh meat whereas donggeurangttaeng is made by cutting the frozen meat into small pieces, and then marinating it. Older adults usually prefer jumulleok, while the young prefer donggeurangttaeng. TIP: Make sure to wear one of the aprons, which is next to each table to protect your clothing while you are grilling the meat.

  • Адрес

    Bukchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 19-2
    서울특별시 중구 남대문로1길 39 (북창동)

  • Типа/Меню

    корейская кухня/Jumulleok (grilled pork with soy sauce)

  • Ответственный

    Samsung Red Spices
  • Телефон

  • Выходные

    Sunday and holidays
  • Часы работы

  • Меню (подробнее)

    Jumulleok (grilled pork with soy sauce): 9,000 won Donggeurangttaeng: 8,000 won Pork galbi: 8,000 won
  • Дополнительный налог

  • Добавочная стоимость

  • Скидки

  • Количество мест

    100 seats in 1st floor 50 seats in 2nd floor
  • Что имеется

  • Автостоянка

  • Кредитные карточки

  • Бронирования

  • Сервис на иностранных языках

    Not Available (Menu is written in Korean, Chinese Japanese, and English.)
  • Зоны для курящих и некурящих

    Smoking section
  • Как добраться

    Take subway line 1 or 2, and get off at City Hall Station. Then go out exit 8. Once you are out of the subway station, you’ll see a crosswalk. Take the crosswalk, go straight for about 50 meters, and then turn right at the first alley (between a pharmacy and Dunkin Doughnuts). Go straight for about 90 meters until you reach a diagonal intersection. Once you pass the intersection, you will see the restaurant on the right. Across from the restaurant is a bar named “Monalisa.”

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