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Darakjeong” has been popular for a long time only because of the simple taste of its traditional Mandu (Korean Stuffed Dumpling). Since its opening in 1991, tasty soup and scrumptious Mandu have been served. A fist-sized Mandu is fully packed with seasoned meat, bean-curd, and various vegetables. Its thick dough makes it chewy and delightful. For one person, “Manduguk”(boiled dumpling soup) is a good choice. The delicious and nourishing taste of Mandu goes well with the sweet, spicy, and fresh taste of soup. Manduguk is served in a brass bowl which keeps the food warm while eating. For a large size group, “Mandujeongol” cooked with various vegetables in a casserole is recommended. There are two types of Mandujeongol that have different tastes. The main characteristic of “Kimchi Mandujeongol” is its spicy flavor, which reminds people of the refreshing taste of Kimchi soup, and “Tojang Mandujeongol” expounds on the savory taste of bean-paste soup. Tojang means folk soybean-paste. “Nokdujeon”(a Korean pan-fried dish with green mung bean) is another famous dish at Darakjeong, which is pan-fried with a very light seasoning to emphasize the original taste of Nokdu (green mung bean). Salted oysters with hot pepper are served with Nokdujeon instead of soy sauce, which is a perfect match. TIP: Mandu is made on every Thursday and Friday afternoon, which spectators can see if they are lucky to be strolling by.

  • Адрес

    Samcheong-dong Jongno-gu Seoul 127-2
    서울특별시 종로구 삼청로 131-1

  • Типа/Меню

    корейская кухня/Mandujeongol (dumpling hot pot)

  • Ответственный

  • Телефон

  • Выходные

    National Holidays (New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok)
  • Часы работы

  • Меню (подробнее)

    Manduguk (dumpling hot pot) 7,000 won Kimchi Mandujeongol (dumpling hot pot with Kimchi) 9,000 won Tojang Mandujeongol 9,000 won Nokdujeon (pan-fried mung beans) 9,000 won
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  • Количество мест

    52 seats
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  • Бронирования

  • Сервис на иностранных языках

    not available (Menu is in Korean, Japanese)
  • Зоны для курящих и некурящих

  • Как добраться

    Go out of Exit 1 of Anguk Station (line no.3) -> Take a taxi to KBI (KOREA BANKING INSTITUTE) – Usually it only costs the basic fare of 1,900 won, but could vary according to traffic -> Walk straight to the three-way junction -> The restaurant with a round shaped roof can be seen diagonally. There is a large pine tree in front of the restaurant.

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