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Tteokssam Sidae

Tteokssam Sidae


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Tteokssam is a delicious dish using sticky and tender dough made from non-glutinous rice mixed with glutinous rice. Ssukttekssam is a dish with soybean flour and wormwood added to this dough that is so tasty with a spicy smell and sweet flavor. Meat grilled on a hot stone plate and dipped in a specially made sauce can be wrapped up with seasoned leeks and makes for a fantastic flavor.

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    Seoul Jongno-gu Gwancheol-dong 44-1

  • Типа/Меню

    корейская кухня/

     Kimchijjim(steamed kimchi with braised pork), Kimchi Samgyeobsal (grilled pork loin with kimchi)