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корейская кухня

Seocho Jumalnongjang

Seocho Jumalnongjang


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  • Seocho Jumalnongjang2 Miniatura
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The soybean paste make from the beans of Baekryeongdo Island, pork raised on green-tea leaves and the 3-year-fermented kimchi make the fantastic coordination of the taste. The owner who is also a member of Korean Food Study Association and gives a lecture on the kitchen garden kimchi as well. You can have a experience in the farm under direct management of the owner of the restaurant and purchase their famous soybean paste.

  • Адрес

    Seoul Seocho-gu Sinwon-dong 192-12

  • Типа/Меню

    корейская кухня/

     doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew)