Haemul pajeon

  • Date06/25/2014
Haemul pajeon

Pajeon is green/spring onion pancake, and by adding fresh seafood, haemul, you can make a more delicious pancake called "haemul pajeon." Koreans like to eat haemul pajeon with dongdongju (traditional rice liquor) on rainy days.

Ingredients 100g green onion (sub.: leeks, chives), 50g cocktail shrimp, 100g squid (sub.: clams, oysters, etc.), 10g green pepper, 10g red pepper, 3 tbsp vegetable oil

Batter 200ml batter mix (sub.: flour, pinch of salt and pepper), 200ml water, 1 egg

Dipping Sauce 1 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp vinegar


① Clean green onions and cut 3 to 4cm long.

② Clean and drain shrimp and squid. Cut squid to size of shrimp.

③ Slice green and red peppers diagonally.

④ Make batter. (If using flour, add pinch of salt and pepper.)

⑤ Mix ①, ②, ③ and ④.

⑥ In an oiled pan, pour ⑤ using laddle. (For crispy haemul pajeon, using enough oil and heat control are especially important.)

⑥ Cook on medium heat until bottom turns golden brown then flip.

⑦ Serve with dipping sauce.