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    VisitKorea Ranks Korea’s Most Popular Attractions of 2021

    Discover the top 10 most popular attractions in Korea for 2021 according to VisitKorea

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    • Date05/26/2022
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    Safe Travels Destinations in Korea

    Introducing a list of 125 destinations where travelers can visit worry-free in times of COVID-19. The list was reviewed by safety professionals and travel experts.

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    • Date05/25/2022
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    Hello Gangwon! Hello Wellness!

    Introducing three representative wellness attractions in Gangwon-do that offer a variety of wellness experience programs.

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    • Date05/24/2022
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    14 Ski Resorts to Spend an Exciting Winter in Korea

    One of the best things about winter’s arrival is the chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Ski resorts in Korea offer slopes for a variety of skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts.

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    • Date05/23/2022
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    BEST 5 Attractions in Nonsan Popular on Social Media

    Introducing hot places in Nonsan recently gaining popularity on social media.

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    • Date05/23/2022
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    Suspension Bridges with Spectacular Views!

    A suspension bridge tour you’ll never forget!

    • Date04/22/2022
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    Heavenly View! Meet the World on a Cable Car

    Want to heighten your travel experience? Here are our recommended cable car attractions!

    • Date04/20/2022
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    Fun to Walk, Fun to Look at, Bridges with Breathtaking Scenery

    Introducing three unique bridges with beautiful scenery in Korea that adds to the fun walking experience.

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    • Date04/19/2022
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    Shrills and Thrills! Busan Becomes More Exciting than Ever!

    Take a look at trending attractions in Busan! Introducing three attractions perfect for taking beautiful photos, admiring scenic views, and experiencing thrills.

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    • Date04/19/2022
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    Recommended Spots to Welcome Korea’s Spring Blossoms

    Welcome the arrival of spring by enjoying spring blossoms at these recommended travel spots.

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    • Date03/23/2022
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