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    Recipes for Signature Chuseok Foods

    Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is a time to share the bounty of Korea.

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    • Date12/02/2021
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    Explore the Beauty of Top 7 Fall Foliage Destinations in Seoul!

    Korea is gifted with autumn beauty in every region, but Seoul displays unique sceneries that cannot be seen elsewhere.

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    • Date11/26/2021
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    Korea’s BEST 5 Mountains and Temples in Fall

    Korea is known for its prestigious mountain temples and monasteries called “sansa.” Koreans from the past believed that mountains embodied holy energy that governed over the country, which led to the construction of temples and pagodas to pray for the country’s prosperity.

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    • Date11/23/2021
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    Trekking Around Seoul This Fall

    In a mountainous country like Korea, it’s no wonder that hiking is a popular activity among residents even in the sprawling metropolis of Seoul!

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    • Date11/08/2021
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    Starry Night in Busan: Must-see Night Attractions, Part 2

    Korea’s second largest city, Busan is a coastal city full of charms. The nightscape in particular is outstanding.

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    • Date10/27/2021
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    Travel Smart in the Smart Tourism City of Incheon

    Incheon became the first “international city” of the Joseon dynasty when it opened its port to foreigners in the late 19th century.

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    • Date10/26/2021
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    Starry Night in Busan: Must-see Night Attractions, Part 1

    Discover the most beautiful nighttime attractions on a “Starry Night in Busan.”

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    • Date10/20/2021
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    A Romantic Night Out at Hwaseong Temporary Palace in Suwon

    Suwon, easily accessible from Seoul via public transportation, is a great choice for a day-trip! The city offers just the right amount of modern life with traditional attractions like Hwaseong Fortress and the temporary palace.

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    • Date10/18/2021
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    Beautiful Nature & Tasty Foods on the West Coast

    Korea’s western coast features many beautiful natural attractions, ecological experiences, and tasty foods, all waiting for you to dig in!

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    • Date09/24/2021
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    Romantic Trip to the Southern Sea in Yeosu

    With a name meaning “beautiful waters,” it’s no wonder that Yeosu is a top travel destination among Koreans.

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    • Date09/17/2021
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